What can I put in my domestic sewage treatment plant?

What can I put in my domestic sewage treatment plant?

Do’s and Don’ts of a small package sewage treatment plant


Think before you put anything down the sink, toilet or drains

  1. Use the manufacturers’ recommended doses relevant to the
    hardness of your local water for household cleaning products.
  2. Try to use cleaning products little and often so the sewage treatment
    plant isn’t overloaded.
  3. Try to spread your clothes washing throughout the week
  4. Try to stick to the same washing, dishwasher and other cleaning
    products – the bacteria will work more efficiently with familiar products.
  5. Use liquids, not powders in washing machines and dishwashers.


  1. Don’t put sanitary towels, tampons, disposable nappies, baby wipes,
    cotton wool, incontinence pads, cotton buds, rubber products or other
    non-biodegradable products down the toilet.
  2. Don’t pour fat, grease or cooking oil down the sink or drains.
  3. Don’t use salt based water softeners.
  4. Don’t use household bleach and strong chemicals indiscriminately or
    have a “spring cleaning” day.
  5. Don’t have a “washing day” – try to spread out your washing.
  6. Don’t tip bottles of medicine, mouth wash etc. down the toilet
    because these can harm the bacteria inside the sewage treatment plant.
  7. Don’t keep changing your brands of cleaners and washing powders.
  8. Don’t pour any garden chemicals, paint or car engine oil down the
  9. Don’t use your waste disposal unit like a rubbish bin – please try to
    use it sparingly.