What is the difference between a septic tank and a package wastewater (sewage) treatment plant?

What is the difference between a septic tank and a package wastewater (sewage) treatment plant?

Unlike the traditional septic tanks, the modern package wastewater (sewage) treatment plants are designed with an aerated process for todays’ increased volume of water usage in everyday life. 

Septic tank: Typically, a septic tank is found underground, receiving untreated wastewater (sewage) from a property and allowing the heavier solids to settle at the bottom whilst the effluent rises to the top. Naturally occurring bacteria helps the system break down the solids and sludge, with the remaining liquids flowing out of the tank into a drainage field. Septic tanks only provide partial treatment: settlement and separation of the solid waste and will normally discharge to a sub-surface soakaway or ditch.

Small package wastewater treatment plant: On the other hand, a small package wastewater (sewage) treatment plant provides significant biological breakdown of the organic and chemical contaminants by using air to circulate and treat the contaminants to a much higher standard than a septic tank. Package wastewater (sewage) treatment systems “clean” the wastewater significantly, which permits effluent discharge into less porous soils,effluent can then be discharged into a water course, drainage ditches and a soakaway. Please check your local environment agency (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) for regulations.

Diamond: The small package wastewater (sewage) treatment plant has an added advantage of a high quality process in a compact, single tank which is easy to install and maintain. The successfully treated liquid that is discharged from the Diamond wastewater treatment plant is of a higher quality standard than a septic tank. This means that our wastewater treatment plant will help to prevent your soakaway from blocking. If discharging in to a running water course, our sewage treatment plant can help to reduce your environmental impact.

Rules for existing and new treatment systems – regulation changes:  If you have a septic tank (lower treated liquid quality) that discharges directly to a surface water such as a river or stream, you will need to replace or upgrade your treatment system by 1 January 2020, or when you sell your property if before this date. Unlike septic tanks and some small sewage treatment plants (also known as a package treatment plants) on the market, the Diamond has an added advantage of a higher quality treatment process which allows more discharge options. For more information please read the General binding rules – small sewage discharge to a surface water.