Why should I buy a WCS Environmental Engineering product?

Why should I buy a WCS Environmental Engineering product?

WPL is now a part of WCS Environmental Engineering. 

WCS Environmental Engineering is a part of the WCS Group, which has the in-house skills and expertise in place to deliver full turnkey solutions from influent to effluent, with the capability to close the loop with water reuse.

Process Engineering Expertise. 

Our process engineering expertise is valued by all of our customers; including the highly regulated water utilities, industrial and commercial users, right through to individual home owners, each equally as deserving of the highest quality standards. WCS Environmental Engineering is diligent in ensuring our customers’ sites are environmentally compliant and that the right level of protection is in place.

Standard products and bespoke package treatment systems.

We offer a comprehensive range of standard products that can deliver cost-effective onsite treatment of wastewater at even the most challenging sites. Our bespoke packaged treatment systems, designed by an expert team of process engineers and manufactured at our dedicated UK facility, can meet customers’ specific requirements in terms of whole-life cost, physical footprint, site access and discharge consents.

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