Make a small change this month to support Unblocktober

Make a small change this month to support Unblocktober

At WPL Diamond, we are passionate about the environment and protecting it through our daily actions.

We are supporting Unblocktober 2021 by raising awareness of all things you should not be putting into a specialist treatment plant via toilets, sinks or drains. Incorrect items risk blocking the system and harming the bacteria that is essential to the treatment process, risking damage to the wider environment.

The theme of Unblocktober 2021 is New World, New Habits, focusing on working together to create a post-Covid world that is free of the environmental damage that fatbergs and drain blockages can cause. Changing bad habits now can reverse the impact people’s historic actions have had on our environment!

We encourage you to sign up as individuals and/or businesses to save our sewers, rivers and seas.

If you have a package treatment plant at your home or businesses premises, please download our simple dos and don’ts guide to let your family and guests know what they should not be putting down the toilet, sinks or drains which could block the system, harm the bacteria and the wider environment.

Some key tips from our guide are listed here – but please download for the complete guidance, to ensure your plant offers full environmental protection, as it is designed to do:

  • Think before you put anything down the sink, toilet or drains.
  • For household cleaning products, use the manufacturers’ recommended doses relevant to the hardness of your local water
  • Try to use cleaning products little and often so the sewage treatment plant isn’t overloaded
  • Don’t pour fat, grease or cooking oil down the sink or drains
  • Don’t tip bottles of medicine, mouth wash etc. down the toilet because these can harm the bacteria inside the sewage plant.