DMC (21 – 55 occupancy equivalent)

Discover the Diamond DMC range

Robust wastewater treatment


Single tank, multiple benefits!

Backed by 25 years tank warranty

The Diamond DMC (formerly known as the WPL Diamond DMC) package wastewater treatment range is for properties of 21-55 (people) occupancy equivalent where mains drainage is unavailable; ideal for small businesses, new builds and replacement of existing sewage treatment plants.

The compact below ground Diamond DMC solution uses no chemicals and treats to a very high standard, so the effluent can be safely discharged to a drainage field or watercourse.

Typical domestic uses

Single houses and rural communities

outbuildings and barn conversions,

Replacement of septic tanks

Typical commercial applications

Campsites, hotels and B&Bs

Commercial buildings, offices and retail

Stately homes and country estates

Key features

25 years warranty*

The Diamond comes with 25 years tank warranty and a process performance guarantee for the life of the tank. The air blower (housed in the kiosk) warranty is 2 years.

Longer emptying cycle*

Up to 3 years desludge – due to our highly efficient aeration process which breaks down organic matter at a reduced sludge rate resulting in longer emptying cycles of up to three years.

Low user maintenance

No internal electrical or mechanical moving parts inside the tank, offering minimal maintenance compared to other processes on the market which are prone to breaking down.

No hidden costs

The standard package includes a Diamond tank, kiosk, alarm beacon, blowers and 10 metres air hose. Additional extras are available.

Simple installation

Our robust Diamond plant is compact in design, keeping the excavation to a minimum and the installation simple, with little disruption.

No odours*

The Diamond package wastewater treatment range is odourless so you won’t even know it’s there!


*subject to correct installation, consistent influent conditions and regular plant maintenance as per the manufacturers’ instructions.

Easy on the eye and the landscape

Our Diamond DMC is entirely underground, boasting the flushest lid on the market and ensuring minimal visual impact to your beautiful garden or surrounding landscape.

Fully compliant

The high quality Diamond range is CE marked, fully type tested and certificated in accordance with the mandatory European standard BS EN12566-3 2014 for small wastewater treatment systems.

Kind to the Environment

Unlike other tanks on the market, our Diamond has no need for additional chemicals, to reduce our environmental impact.

Environmentally Compliant

The liquid matter (effluent) discharged by our Diamond range is fully compliant with the regulations set by Environment Agency (EA) and exceeds normal consent standards.

The Diamond Process

Our Diamond has the advantage of a high quality process for wastewater (sewage) treatment; in a compact single tank which is easy to install and maintain.



Ideal septic tank replacement

Homeowners with septic tanks that discharge directly into the surface water will now need
to consider the option of replacing with a packaged wastewater treatment plant,
when selling a property or upgrading an ‘end of life’ septic tank.

Unlike the traditional septic tanks, the modern packaged wastewater (sewage) treatment plants such as a Diamond are designed with an aerated process for todays’ increased volume of water usage in everyday life.

Looking for technical information?

Technical zone

The Diamond standard

BS EN 12566-3

CE marked, fully type tested and certificated in accordance with the mandatory European standard BS EN12566-3 2014 for small wastewater treatment systems.

LABC approved

LABC approved England and Wales, which means the Diamond has been assessed against Building Regulation requirements and can be installed without the need to have it signed off again by building control.

Part H2 for building regulations

The Diamond is fully compliant in the UK with HM government guidance for Drainage and Waste Disposal, Part H2 for building regulations of wastewater treatment systems.

General binding rules

Our Diamond meets current legislation for exemption from a permit to discharge by the Environment Agency (EA), England, as per the General Binding Rules document.

British Water Flows and Loads code of practice

The Diamond wastewater treatment plant is designed using the British Water Flows and Loads code of practice, to ensure correct sized tanks.

UK & European patented

The Diamond is UK and European patented. This means that our design is completely unique. Patent number: GB 250337.

Accredited ISO 9001

ISO 9001 – Recognised for our Quality Management System requirements for all areas of the business.

Accredited ISO 14001

ISO 14001 – Recognised for our Environmental Management System compliance.

Accredited ISO 45001:2018

ISO 45001:2018 – Our mission is to ensure that we enforce standards with our Occupational Health & Safety Management System.

British Water Packaged Treatment Plant (PTP) Focus Group

Technical Director Andrew Baird has 30 years’ experience in the water and wastewater treatment industry. As a former convenor of British Water’s Package Treatment Plant Focus Group, he has been influential in the development of British and European Standards and continues to promote good practice in design, installation and maintenance of compact treatment technology.

WCS Environmental Engineering is also a member of British Water Trade Association for the UK Water and Wastewater Industry.