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Service and Maintenance

We have been working in partnership with our trusted network of independent experts for over 25 years; installing, servicing and maintaining more than 40,000 Diamonds worldwide, in all ground conditions.

In alignment with The Environment Agencys’ requirement for all wastewater (sewage) treatment plants to be operated and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions; every Diamond comes with a helpful Operation and Maintenance User Guide and Maintenance Log Book. This must be updated when the regular maintenance and de-sludging is carried out and records must be maintained for a minimum of 5 years by the consent holder.

It is highly recommended that our Diamond small wastewater treatment range is installed by an independent member of our network of specialists, along with being serviced and maintained regularly by a qualified engineer accredited by British Water.

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Original Parts

For original Diamond spare parts and additional extras, please contact us.

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The warranty for the Diamond wastewater treatment tank is specified for 25 years. We also offer 2 years warranty on the air blowers (housed in the kiosk).

The warranty of the Diamond wastewater treatment tank and the blowers are subject to the correct installation, consistent influent conditions and regular plant maintenance as per the manufacturers’ instructions. If you are a professional installing, servicing and maintaining the Diamond wastewater treatment range, please visit our technical zone or warranty information.