A cost-effective, reliable and greener solution for homeowner

A cost-effective, reliable and greener solution for homeowner

A WPL Diamond wastewater treatment plant has been selected as a reliable solution for a property owner who wanted to replace the septic system that served their house. The customer wanted a cost-effective and robust packaged system, that was easy-to-maintain and blended in with the surrounding landscape.

Local installer PSR Environmental opted for the Diamond DMS2, which ticked all boxes of the customer brief, as well as the site-specific requirements. An external pumping chamber (EPC) was also delivered ensure that the treated effluent could be effectively discharged, maintaining full environmental compliance.

The EPC allows a 4m lift, making this an ideal option where there is a distance to pump treated effluent or if it is discharged to a location with rising water levels, such as a watercourse. Encased in a chamber, the pump is controlled by a float and is wired into the kiosk.

The Diamond DMS2 is a small and compact plant, designed for properties that house 1 to 20 people. Constant aeration provides a biological treatment process that does not use chemicals, allowing final effluent to be safely discharged to a soakaway or watercourse. It is ideal for new builds and septic tank replacements, offering a more environmentally friendly end-result.

PSR Environmental, which supplies and installs units in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire, says: “We were approached by a customer who was looking for a no-nonsense system to replace an existing septic system. They didn’t want to spend a fortune but were looking for reliability and ease in terms of maintenance. Given the site and some of the additional parameters set by the customer, we decided on a Diamond DMS2.

“The Diamond is better designed for today’s increased volume of water usage in everyday life and has an added advantage of a high-quality process for wastewater treatment, in a compact, single tank. The system offers reliability with 25 years warranty on the tank and economy with up to three years’ de-sludge.

“One of the big parameters from the customer was that they wanted a system with a flush lid so it would blend in with some landscaping that they had planned. The desired outcome has been achieved.

October 19, 2022