Our Story – South Park Farm Barn

Our Story – South Park Farm Barn

South Park Farm Barn, on the Hampshire – Wiltshire border, dates back to around the 1830s. Self-builder Ian and Casie McDonald Wood converted the barn into their dream home.

Ian said “When we installed our Diamond in our barn conversion we got more than just a first-class sewage treatment plant. WPL’s technical sales manager recommended Clanville Draintech as an excellent installer. Not only have Clanville installed our Diamond DMS2, they have also undertaken all our groundworks and introduced us to some capable tradespeople some of whom we have now selected to work on our conversion project.

Self-building is a minefield and finding the right products and people to install them can be a daunting prospect. Our research confirmed that not only is the Diamond a better product – it has no moving parts and less to go wrong, it is also markedly better value. That research also revealed the pedigree of the manufacturer, WPL, whose products and services meet the stringent standards of the water utility companies.

The Diamond seemed to us to represent an unbeatable proposition and our experience to date bears out our decision. Building tradespeople tell us that self-builders like us are so often the innovators in the building world. If buying something better in every respect than the brand leader represents innovation, then we are clearly the typical self builders.”

Casie and Ian have lovingly converted South Park Farm Barn to host guests in the rolling countryside of the Hampshire-Wiltshire border.

February 8, 2017