Diamond sets sail for Redclyffe Yacht Club

Diamond sets sail for Redclyffe Yacht Club
Image-of-sails-for-the-WPL-Diamond-sets-sail- success-story-about-Redclyffe-Yacht-Club-choosing-a-WPL-Diamond-package-sewage-and-wastewater-treatment-plant-for-off-mains-drainage

Replacing an alternative treatment plant

The Yacht Club’s Project:

A local haven for both members and visitors, Redclyffe Yacht Club sits at the heart of the local river, surrounded by meadows and footpaths. The popular club hosts a number of facilities to patrons including showers and toilets, with water and electricity supplied if berthed alongside. Continuing to improve its facilities, the club most recently installed a new compact Diamond package wastewater treatment plant for off mains drainage. This replaced an alternative existing system which couldn’t cope with the high water table and had an inconvenient frequent emptying cycle.

The Yacht Club’s Selection Criteria:

Local wastewater treatment expert, Independent Drainage, helped with the club’s requirements by first assisting with their application to the Environment Agency (EA) for an environmental permit. Once this had been approved, they recommended the installation of a WPL Diamond package wastewater treatment plant for the following reasons:

  • The WPL Diamond is fully compliant with the Environment Agency permitting legislation and the mandatory European standard EN12566-3 – 2014 and can treat the wastewater to a high quality so that it can be safely discharged to the local river.
  • The wastewater treatment process of a Diamond can achieve a de-sludge (emptying) period of up to three years (as long as it is maintained correctly) which is much longer than most other package sewage treatment plants on the market.
  • The installation of the Diamond would provide little disruption to the river and footpath traffic.
  • The visibility of the Diamond is minimal, ensuring a discreet solution that guests and visitors wouldn’t even know is there!

Project Success:

The installation of our compact Diamond package wastewater treatment plant was a success with the footpath and club remaining opening throughout.

Our Diamond package wastewater treatment plant ensured a reliable and discreet solution that met the requirements of the site to protect the beautiful location, for all to enjoy.

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