Warranty information

Process guarantee 

The process is guaranteed to meet the designed Effluent Discharge Standard for the life of the plant provided that:

  • All aspects of the Installation Manual and User Guide Operation & Maintenance Manual are adhered to
  • The flows and loads do not exceed those stated on the design sheet (based on industry standard figures, ref BW COP: Flows and loads 4
  • There is sufficient hardness in the water where nitrification is required
  • Grease from commercial kitchens is not present in the influent
  • Performance is measured after the process has matured
  • Biological inhibitors are not present in the influent
  • The Ph is 7 to 9


 Warranty Period 

WCS Environmental Engineering (WCSEE) warrant the tank structure against manufacturing and material defects for 25 years and the air blowers for a period of 2 years. All other mechanical components carry a 1 year warranty. All warranties start from the date of purchase.


Parts covered under warranty

WCSEE warrants all of the parts in each of their Diamond range of package wastewater (sewage) treatment systems, when properly registered with the manufacturer, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship in normal use and service.

WCSEE sole responsibility under this warranty is limited to repairing, exchanging or replacing any component part or parts that in their judgement show evidence of defects within the warranty period.

If you have a defective part, please contact your maintenance provider. The defective part or parts must be returned to WCSEE for assessment.


Warranty limitations/exemptions

WCSEE shall not be liable for any labour involved for the removal or replacement of its equipment nor the subsequent transportation, handling or packaging of any part or parts thereof.

In no case will WCSEE be liable for loss incurred because of interruption of service or for consequential damages, labour or expense required to repair defective units, nor shall this constitute a cause for the cancellation of the contract of purchase and sale.

Specifically exempt from this warranty are limited life consumable components subject to normal wear and tear, such as air pump vanes, diaphragms and filters.


Chargeable non-warranty work

Service charges incurred (including parts and labour), due to unauthorised alteration, accidental damage, improper use, abuse, tampering, failure to follow installation instructions or failure to follow operating and maintenance procedures, are not covered by this warranty and are not assumed by WCSEE . All service visits for non-warranty work are chargeable. This warranty gives specific additional benefits. Statutory rights are unaffected.